more 'here you go, you're welcome!'...

Well, I 'm sitting up late thinking of chocolate..what's new?

Chocolate made me think of candy-cane Joe-Joes...which made me think of candy-cane Joe-Joe see the clever paths my mind follows?!

OC Mom posted this wonderful recipe for Candy-cane Joe-Joe brownies. Follow the link.
They are totally worth the effort!

Here's how to pronounce the name "Miggery Sow" from the book
The Tale of Despereaux, for those of you finding my blog through googling that question... I heard it pronounced on the audio book- (which is wonderful, go get it!) -like this.. -Miggery is pronounced, 'Mig' -(rhymes with big) 'ory'-(rhymes with story) so put it together and you get Miggory -(rhymes with diggory-hard g). Sow is just like a pig-sow, rhymes with cow.
You're Welcome!!

As for "Roscuro", try saying it with a Russian accent.
You really, really have to listen to the audio book, it is wonderful. *Here's my review on it.

Well, homeschool is trucking along, we are enjoying studying the Ancient Greeks- I think we are going to take our time with this one, it is so interesting. I'm getting lots of battle scenes in our narrations from the 3 youngest students.

We had art lessons on Tuesday, met with our charter school teacher in the afternoon.

Demi is anxiously awaiting Wall.e to arrive from netflix

Tomorrow/today we are heading to the skatepark. It's p.e.
Happy December, everyone.