random rambly thoughts

I have nothing profound to say, so I thought I would just post a "what we are doing lately" sort of post.

Well, first I have to confess that after the flurry of activity I chronicled in our
Homeschool weekly report, I fell apart and we've had no history or science since, um...Wednesday?!
Don't freak, I'm not saying that no learning is going on, we still have our basics which consist of math, handwriting, number writing, phonics and grammar. ..

And Latin!!
I am happy to report that after years of wishing to teach my kids Latin,
(after I finally got it ALL together and triumphed in a amazing homeschool/scheduled-precisely-planned- acedemic- homeschool year...then, I would allow myself to attempt to teach Latin!!!!!..and we all know that I wouldn't be Jen if I triumphed in such a way...) But, I digress... so, it never happened that way, but I felt that things were running along as smoothly as they ever will-

so Today I started Latin for Children with Meg and Josie. By started, I will confess that
I sat on the couch with them and slipped in the dvd. I love this era!!!
I really enjoyed it, I thought it was presented very well. When Sky came home and I crowed (er, excitedly shared with him) my accomplishment, Sky asked the girls which words they learned today and they looked at him blankly and said 'none'. [Insert screaming smiley face here....] On the other hand, I can report to you that MOM was able to list 4 of the 6 words right off. I'm off to make them some flashcards...

Here is a photo I snapped of one of the yellow- headed amazons that live wild in our neighborhood, there were a few in our neighbor's magnolia tree. They like to eat the little red seeds in the magnolia pods. I photographed this fella, and while I was trying to focus in on its mate, something scared them and 5 flew out of the tree...I only saw one and assumed the mate because I could hear more pods falling on the ground. They blend in really well with the leaves!
Can you see the red seed in his bill?

Meg had her first real day of work last week at the stables. I picked her up at the end of the day, got her home and realized she had a bad cold and a fever. I felt really bad. What a horrible first day of manual labor...it was hot outside, too.

Neighbors down the street had a fall potluck at their house. Our other neighbor, the gourmet French Chef attended and made a shrimp scampi. I do not know what it was called, he called it 'shrimp scampi' but is was not the butter-soaked scampi I am familiar with. This scampi was spicy, kind of a cajun thing- but it was sooo goood. I ate 3 giant shrimps (at least) with my fingers, burning my fingers and mouth..but I didn't care, because it was sooo goood. He also made a dish that had fresh mangos, onions, other vegetables I can't remember and ahi tuna. Turns out it was raw ahi tuna. Sky watched me scarf down several crackers-full before he told me. I didn't care and I ate more. Only our friend, the gourmet French chef and manager of a 5 star restaurant-- could ever present me with raw meat, and I would actually eat it.

It was really good. I'd eat it again, so there!

Other big news... I am officially sick of politics and I am counting the day till the election is over.

Oh, and I am slowly working my way through the mini-series Cranford, and loving it. I think I will just curl up with that and ignore the news for the next 2 weeks.

Sound like a plan?

If I could just get the french chef to send over some food while I sit, ignore world politics and enjoy my Cranford...it would be just perfect. Bliss, I tell you, sure bliss.