Well bloggy friends, I've survived the dreaded learning record preparation- and several nights of asthma treatments for Demi...I have to say, stick a fork in me, I'm done! My brain is now jello and I've pretty much shut down for a day or two.

On another note... We wrapped up our study on Ancient China by visiting the Warriors exhibit at the Bower's Museum. These are the life-size terra-cotta soldiers made to guard the first emperor of China's tomb. They were just incredible.

This photo is of a replica standing in the photos allowed inside.

Sky conducted our first Science experiment for Noeo Science. It didn't work! Sky did take it apart and made part of it work, but it lost some of it's awe-factor. He's going to do the second experiment for the lesson on monday...I think this one will turn out better.

Meg became a working girl this week. She began working at the stables one day, every-other week in exchange for horse riding lessons. I dropped her off in the morning and picked her up in the late afternoon. I wouldn't have done it if there wasn't another homeschool girl working there already- made me feel a little more easy about it. I am an over-protective mother...I admit it, but that's my job!

That same day I also dropped Josie off for an hour tennis lesson at the park. Sky bartered electrical work with our piano teacher in exchange of having her pro-tennis- instructor- husband give Josie lessons. She loved it! (Jose has been a challenge finding things she enjoys).

I've marked a change in status....I'm beginning the era of "taxi-cab mom". I knew it was coming, but it is still really strange.

Well, at least Demi still needs me to sit by his bed at 4 a.m and hold his breathing mask for asthma treatments....ackkk!!! (I'm getting too old for no sleep, I am so glad the kids' asthma is getting better and fewer and farther in-between!)

How was your week?