It's called a bribe, but I'm old-fashioned

A spoon-full of pork made a bill that was doubtful -go down much smoother, it seems.

Call me old-fashioned, but inserting money for a congressman's district or pet project to persuade them to change their vote is a plain old bribe.

That's B-R-I-B-E.

I am so sick of congress. And I can't believe the President signed it.

Here's an article that lists some of the BRIBES added to the expensive buy-out,
A spoonful of Pork article**

I guess I'm dense or something, not seeing the connection between our current economic
emergency, er, problem...and the urgency of stuffing the bill with laws and giveaways on RUM,wooden arrows, bicycle reimbursement and WOOL.

I need some chocolate or something...