word hog

Time for Homeschool Show and Tell! We just started a nifty program called
English from the Roots Up. This program teaches Greek and Latin vocabulary words pretty painlessly. All you need is the book, index cards,and a box to put your index cards in, but you can also purchase the pre-made word cards. I purchased just 1 set of the pre-made cards for my older kids to use as a model, I actually wanted them to make their own cards, I strongly believe that the process of making them and writing them will help them learn them.

Here is a photo of the cards I started Sunday night. I used a smaller card as a template for the borders. The red borders are for the Latin words, the green for the Greek words. I wrote the first word on the cards, and left the back blank for the 2 older students. For the 3 young students (ages 6, 8 and 8) I wrote the derivatives on the card since my handwriting is neater and you have to write small, I had them print the definition themselves during our lesson.

For the lesson, I used a whiteboard to write the word and defintion, gave the definition and talked about the derivatives and their meanings. It took a few minutes, tops.

We did the word "photos" for this week. I am toying with the thought of doing two words a week, since it was so simple and easy...but I'm not sure if it would be too much for the 3 littles, I want them to actually 'retain' the info, kwim? We will be starting Latin next week, so I don't want to throw too much at them. I do think the two older girls (ages 11 and 13 ) could easily handle two words a week.

This program is really easy to use, and the instructors book is very informative and lays out each lesson in a concise, easy -to- follow way.

This one is a definite keeper!