Homeschool week report- part 2

This is the second half of my week's report, for the week of Oct. 5-10th.
go *here to see the first part, which includes work all the children did together and the work of the youngest 3.

The older students (Josie-11 and Meg-13):

*Math-U-See: Josie finished up a 2 page unit test for lessons 1 thru 20. She then finished up lesson 21 by completing 2 review pages and then the test.
Meg finished up lesson 18 by completing the test. She then watched lesson 19 on DVD, and then completed 3 practice pages for that lesson. Both girls also work from Daily Math Practice workbooks, each day they are given 5 problems that review different types of math problems, these are helpful to use because the Math-U-See focus on one main theme each level, for instance Meg's level focuses on fractions. Josie also completes notebook pages each day covering 2 times tables written twice. (she has trouble sticking these facts in her mind, so this is the solution we came up with.)

*Growing with Grammar: Josie is working out of book 3 and covered lessons 2.19-2.22 plus the 4 page chapter 2 review. Meg is working out of book 5 and covered lessons 3.2 - 3.6. Some of the subjects covered included; direct objects, linking verbs, predicate nouns and included diagramming sentences.

*Handwriting- Josie completed several cursive pages from Abeka, Meg doesn't have any yet- I am looking at Spelling Wisdom dictation for her...we'll see.


Beside the history we all did together from our TOG assignments, Josie was also assigned
Life in Ancient China. Meg was assigned The Ancient Chinese. Both Meg and Josie were assigned Why Snails have shells and had a literature worksheet for 2 of the stories from this book. Meg was also assigned the section on Chinese religions in The Usborne Encyclopedia of World Religions.

*Writing, for a combination writing/History assignment, Josie and Meg were assigned a short 1 page report on a Chinese invention of their choice. Meg chose paper, Josie chose gunpowder. Our subject had gone over into the next Monday and Tuesday- just lots to cover, so their report will not be due until Tuesday.

I think that covers it...I'm sure I forgot something! The kids also have outside activities and classes such as skateboarding, Irish dance, art, and music lessons. (I'm going to pass on covering all that here, my head is spinning!)

here is a slide show of some of their work samples, enjoy!

Schooling- the older students