We are never weaned, really

Meg is having a busy summer. We put her on a plane a week or so ago ALONE to Seattle, and from there she traveled with a best friend to a Bible Camp of sorts in CANADA. She had a wonderful, mountain-top-experience kind of a time and made some great friends.

It was a great experience for her, but an experience of another sort for us to get her back home. The night before her flight back, we were notified by the airline that it had been canceled. She was re-scheduled for a flight the next day. The day before she was supposed to be home, we were already feeling a longing to see her. The day after she was supposed to be here...the day of the re-scheduled flight, our friends called to tell us her flight had been delayed an hour. We received yet another call to say it was delayed another 2 hours.

I think it was at this point that I had a maternal flashback of that very intense urge to be with your offspring. The overwhelming urge/need to nurse your baby is the closest thing I know, and what I thought of...minus the rushing-filling up with milk sensation (sorry guys...to much information, maybe??) It's the mother-bear in all of us, and heaven protect anyone standing between mom and cub.

Sky told our friend to put Meg on the next flight with another airline if her flight was canceled, and that we would reimburse him. Our very good natured/easy-going friend said, "oh, it's no problem, I'll just bring her back to the airport tomorrow.."

The point for us now, was to just get her as close to home as we could. I think the papa bear in Sky was rising up too... we just achingly wanted her home again.

She was homesick too.

She's back, safe and sound.

But I think college is going to be painful.