I had a few requests for new photos on our sleeping loft progress.

Here is Meg seated in the loft, she is overlooking the rest of the bedroom. The pink stuff to the right is new insulation.

Our cat Oliver was very approving of the loft, he climbed right up the ladder. He did have difficulty coming down, his hindquarters kept running ahead of him...

Sky promised Oliver a new, tall, cat-tree to help him get down. We still don' t know if Oliver thinks he is a person, or if he thinks we are all cats. We do know he considers the kids as litter-mates and sleeps with them.

Here is something you don't see boots hanging from your ceiling!

Well, our three youngest are staying two nights at the grandparents. I had big plans for all I would accomplish.

So far, it is too hot in the house to do anything- Sky has the air shut off. And I went for a walk/run this morning and I ache too much to do anything but sit. And I have a headache. I've concluded that exercise is just bad for me.

I had the perfect kind of Jenny day yesterday, being that the littles were staying the night at the grandparents. I woke up around 8-ish, went for a walk/run (very little running..I was just test driving it, hence no achiness) then I came home and did some light yoga, took a shower and then headed down to the bagel shop with Meg for a bagel sandwich. (in honor of Starlene, of course) I puttered around the house, did some laundry, took Meg to Rubio's for a late lunch and then we hung out at Barnes & Nobles. Then- we went with Sky to Meg's favorite place for dinner, which happens to be one of my favorite places. Only shopping could have made the day any better, really.

I told Sky it was the perfect schedule for me...the wake-up after 8 and slowly ease into your day part. Homeschooling 5 kids kind of puts a crimp into my style. Sky always says I live on Hawaii time.

It was really nice to get all that exercising I was thinking; I just need to re-set my body clock and wake up two hours earlier. Except...there is always an excuse...except that I am and have always been a night owl, it's kind of hard to re-set that.

Last night I made a valiant effort, I actually went to bed at 10 p.m. so I could get up by 6 a.m.

And I tossed and turned until after mid-night. Ugh. I will try again tonight. Maybe it will take a few weeks.