Science with a microwave

The Bible College boys are back for a new term.
We are really glad to have them back on Sunday nights.

One of our favorites is this young man, who happens to have a Ph.d in Physics. He gained my high esteem by offering to do science experiments with my kids 'for fun'.

Tonight, he - I think, I'm not a science person,..but I think he said he was going to make 'plasma' from grapes.

I'm not going to describe it too closely, don't want anyone to get hurt trying it...but he cut the grape a certain way and then put it under a glass (because of toxic cloud created). He heated it and as I understand it, the atoms became excited and the electrons were separated from the atoms- which made a really neat flash..two of them, in fact.

This second photo I tried to get the flash of light.

Of course we had to do it several times and with both green and red grapes.

He took the glass quickly outside to disperse of the toxic gas or plasma or whatever it was.
(which would have normally made me very nervous, but hey, he's a ph.d...I guess he knows what he is doing...!)
You can tell I'm not the science person in the house...

Our friend also brought us this book from his shelf, 47 Easy to do classic science experiments,
which answers the question of what kind of book does a child physicist have on his shelves?