twinkle toes

Meg competed in her very first Irish feis this weekend.
(it's pronounced "fesh").

We entered the Irish dancing world this year, because of Amie (age 6) who loves to dance. Surprisingly, Meg took a fancy to it and began attending a class.

Amie dropped out. (ahem)

So, this was her first competition/event.

Meg was very nervous. I don't think I've ever seen her nervous before. She loves to do things, and is interested in participating in all sorts of things, and she generally does well with whatever she attempts.

Seeing her with the jitters was a new thing.
Seeing her with the jitters gave me the jitters...

We survived.

She placed 1st in the "beginners first feis reel"

the title was a fancy way of saying this was her first dance.

I just love the Irish soft shoes...