It's all about the food

We took the kids to the Orange County fair last week.

Pity us if you can, because for us- it's all about the food...

This is the first thing we make a bee-line for. It's hot, roasted and slathered in butter and salt.
What's not to love about that?

While the kids feast on corn-dogs and hot-dogs
for dinner, Sky and I opt for a gryo. Yum. The only thing missing here is avocado...every year we say we are going to bring our own to add to the gyro, but we always forget. It's still good though. It's slathered in cucumber dressing.

Missing from my photo-journal are the slurpies Demi and Amie had, the chocolate dipped ice-cream cones, the waffle fries Sky and I had with our gyros and the countless diet cokes Sky and I consumed. We forgot to get the kids cotton candy, dang! (They actually forgot to ask, I think the slurpies threw them off their game...).

I suffered a big set-back by the absence of the gingerbread shack this year...I look forward to a slice of gingerbread cake with real whip cream on it.
I opted for chocolate popcorn as a substitute. Good call.

I don't know how much we spent, and I'm not going to think too hard about it.....I do really miss the good ole' days when Meg and Josie were little, the others just babes- and they were content with us packing them some pb&j, a juice box and maybe a little cotton-candy...Yes, those were the days...

Here's Sky enjoying an ice-cream cone. He got a new hair cut, it was stuck up on top...I thought since he has a full head of hair, he should flaunt it alittle...He's had a 'good-guy, Mr. Police-man' hair cut ever since I've known him, this was a big change for him. I'm hoping he will keep it, he looks very cute. I think he's having a hard time with it, he smoothed it down today for the meeting. His dad, who had the same 'good-guy' haircut, would have laughed at him. We laughed together, thinking about how much it would have amused him.

p.s. I did share my popcorn.