Today: To Do list

To Do List

  1. wash 5 sets of sheets that are left over from yesterday's washing
  2. wash towels...ditto
  3. make lunch for now 7 kids (extra 3 staying a week) or about make lunch for the two 8 and younger and tell the others to make their own?
  4. go to library A and pay the $9.00 late fine, and return 4 books.
  5. go to library B and pay $4.00 late fine.
  6. convince cat that it is safe to come home now - there are less then 11 kids running around, and 20 adults talking too loud for his comfort.
  7. mop my sticky floor, even though wonderful Sky mopped it yesterday - see part about 7 kids
  8. push various extra mattresses around to make the rooms look cleaner before deciding nothing can be done till Sky gets home and puts them in the garage.
  9. Do laundry now that washer and dryer are free
  10. begin planning for new homeschool year, see Cindi's site for inspiration- here*
  11. start putting info into online CM Organizer so I can actually keep records this school year (like my friend Jill started industriously doing while she was here last week...)
  12. decide what I want to sell on the used curriculum boards and actually um- list them
  13. re-organize my home-school closet and bookshelves for up-coming homeschool year.
  14. 0r not
  15. bail out and go to Barnes & Nobles and read a Meg Cabot book instead
  16. fortify myself with chocolate and diet coke so I can start items listed above
  17. take nap because of sugar-crash
  18. make pop-corn for tonight's twice a year Lord of the Rings movie-thon - a tradition after every Bible Conference.