The homeschool closet

The very first time I walked through our soon-to-be new home, my eyes gleamed when I saw this closet. The previous owners had coats hanging in here, so un-imaginative! I looked, and saw a homeschool closet, home to my curriculum-addiction. Sky custom built the shelves here to hold all my stuff..ahem, educational materials.

Our last house was under 1,000 square feet. 4 kids, 1 bathroom- it was tight! We had just started on our homeschool adventure and the dilemma was- where to put our books. Sky very ingeniously built shelves into our small-ish hall coat closet. He put in shelves taking up about 3/4th of the width of the closet, leaving a small space to hang a few coats and ran the shelves up to the top of the closet-which is usually wasted space. It worked very well for us back then, I wish I had a photo to show you. I blush a little now to think of that small closet and compare it to my closet space now, and how my collection has expanded to fill it. I am going to sell books I am not using this summer. Just in time to make space for any new books... :)