Whatever you can do, I can do better

Demi-Sky acquired a new skill a few weekends ago. He was determined, worked hard at it- and did it! About time, too- he's 8.

Well, Amie was not going to stand for being left-behind. She threw down the glove and asked Daddy to take the training-wheels off her bike, too.

(Mom made sure she was all padded-up)

We thought it would take a week of small tries for her to reach success.

We underestimated our little fire-ball, as usual.

A few minutes later, and voila! She was riding!

She rides into the sunset, no looking back.

It's been a running joke in our house that if you want Amie to do something,
-give it to- or have Demi do it first... it's all too true...

They said change your clothes
She said no I won't
They said comb your hair
She said some kids don't
And her parents dreams went up in smoke

They said you cant leave
She said yes I will
They said don't see him
She said his name is bill
Shes on a roll and its all uphill

Shes a wild one
With an angels face
Shes a woman-child
In a state of grace
When she was 3 years old on her daddy's knee
He said you can be anything you want to be
Shes a wild one
Runnin' free

-Wild one, Faith Hill