Look, we have weather!!

We are currently having some weather events here in Southern California.

It is all very exciting, because we don't have much weather here. On the few occasions that it actually rains during the day...we take a few steps out the front door, with an incredibly sour-put-out-face (that says plainly..."I ordered another perfect day, what is THIS?!") and then we wonder vaguely or frantically (depending on how hard it is raining) - where in world did I store my umbrella after the last time I used it, 2 years ago....

So yesterday (and today is supposed to be a repeat performance) we experienced several rain showers (the first while it was sunny outside) and some thunder. Very, very exciting here. We love a good thunder and lightening storm.

Later in the day I heard on the radio that there was a tornado warning -warning as in actually on the ground- for Moreno Valley, which is close to where my sister and mom live. Then I heard people calling in to describe it and I ran and flipped on the news to see footage of a train that had been knocked over by a tornado. This is all happening about an hour from us.

I called my sister to make sure she knew...and then we had this conversation...

Sister: "So what am I supposed to do?"

Me: "Go turn on your local radio station to hear if there are any tornadoes near you, or better your t.v. to see the photos- they're pretty cool"

Sister: "just great, we don't have t.v. right now, ever since the sandstorm knocked out our satalite."

Me: "well, try the radio, or try the LA station I am listening to...lots of people from your area are calling in right now."

Sister: "so if one is heading my way, what are me and the kids supposed to do, go in the closet? ..it's really small in there..."
(she has 2 boys and a baby girl...2 very busy boys)

Me: " I think the bathroom is a good place, the one without any windows. I think you are supposed to seek shelter in the tub. Because they are good and heavy. But wait, that was the old tubs made out of cast iron, is your tub in your new house cast iron???"

Me: "well, good luck" "I'll call you and tell you if I hear of one coming your way."

cleary we are on the cutting edge of bad weather preparedness...

we kind of prefer the earthquakes.