the early train

We had the chance to join a group for a field-trip,
the reduced fair of $6 a ticket was the only real reason I found myself at the train station at
6:15 A.M.

My offspring look way too chipper here, at this un-earthly hour....

Did I mention the 6:15 A.M. part? You do realize that this means most of these moms had to get up before or around 5 A.M. to make this magic all happen.

This is a preschool co-op group, they all have preschoolers, toddlers and babies. I am simply astounded that everyone made it on time!

Round of applause all around!

This magic-potion -in- a -patch-was the only reason I would step foot on a train...

another festivus miracle

We took the train from central Orange County to downtown San Diego. Kind of a once in a childhood experience, since the tickets are pricey. Trains are a very exciting, magical thing to little kids- I knew the memories of this trip would be worth the pain of getting to the station way-way-too early for sanity.

Here's Amie catching sight of the beach.

Childhood really is a time of wonder.