Putting together a homeschool schedule-tips from the edge of reason

Homeschool scheduling for the Bridget Jones homeschool mom-

I know there are some real schedule-type A -homeschool-planning moms out there, and many have posted their schedules on blogs.

Then there are other moms like me...women who loved and identified with Bridget Jones, because finally! A heroine who's mind works like ours!

I am a MOTH drop-out, flylady makes me cringe. And yet, to homeschool 5 kids- I admit it (shaking my fists at the sky) that yes, I need some kind of schedule, or I will never get 1/4 of what we need to get done, done.

So, here is how I approached the mess before me....

I opened up a blank notebook, labeled columns Monday thru Friday across the top-
and then used little sticky labels to place all of the [new to me] subjects I was adding to my year (I actually started this in the fall). Tapestry of grace was our new curriculum for History, geography, church history and literature- so after checking out some other great blog mom schedules like this one for hints of how to approach our TOG studies (like when to do maps, discussions, etc.) I put these topics on stickies and placed them in the appropriate day column.

I did not place the basic 3-R's in the columns since my mind is already programmed to do these each day. I was concerned with placing the new topics and curricula in a slot, along with things that often got pushed around such a piano practice and spelling.

After I had all my stickies placed in appropriate/workable slots...I then went into a word document and worked day by day a detailed day schedule that included everything- the stickies first and then placing the 3-R's around them.

Um, yes, a spreadsheet would look much nicer...but then I realized that the process of learning how to make a spreadsheet would frustrate me to no-end, and I would give up. So, the crude-notebook-sticky thing really was the best go for me. Linear, analytical Sky looked pretty horrified at my notebook thing...but then when I asked him to teach me to use excel, he admitted this was probably my best bet...

I'll post a days finished schedule tomorrow.

So, here it is, schedule tips for the rest of us...
(kind of embarrassing, but keeping it real...)