Homeschool schedule for Monday

Here is what I put together, after my first planning session written about *here. This is the day I have planned to work with so far, I probably will move a few things is a work in progress.

8:00 Breakfast (diligence time=Bible,pray,make bed, put away clothes, get dressed/groomed,straighten bathroom, clean up breakfast mess)

9:00 School start
TOG time (to include some of: TOG Bible reading,history reading,prayer, review vocab, people, memory work)

9:30 Demi & Amie math, Teddy #writing book or library books Meg violin practice
Josie piano practice

10:00 Snack

10:15 Meg Math, Josie grammar or mapwork, Demi, Teddy, Amie First language lessons(grammar) or read aloud literature with mom

10:45 Josie &Teddy math, Amie audio books/learning, Demi explode the code online w/Meg supervising

11:00 Josie&Teddy cont. Math then on to Handwriting, Demi phonics with mom then handwriting, Amie drawing then handwriting, Meg spelling/handwriting or SAPs(student activity pages for TOG)

11:20 Amie explode the code online with Josie supervising, Meg grammar and maps, Teddy and Demi can play outside if done.

11:40 Meg and Josie watch Spanish on United Streaming

12:00 Lunch

12:20 Phonics Teddy, Demi &Amie #writing book, Josie spelling, Meg reading or catch-up

12:40 Amie phonics with mom, Teddy explode the code online with Meg supervising

1:00 little kids free, Meg &Josie Classical writing with mom

1:35 Meg Rosetta stone Spanish, Josie free reading or catch-up
2:00 chore time then free

after dinner typing practice some days and music practice for M &J