Sea World field trip

Wednesday Morning found us bright and early at Sea World for a field trip. We paid a little more than $5 a person as part of an educational group, and we were able to spend a half-day at the park.

We were so lucky to stumble upon these flamingos on parade! They must have been on their way to another exhibit was amazing being this close to them.

We visited with the dolphins, and arrived on the spot just in time for feeding/play-time. We purchased some fish and interacted, petted and fed the dolphins. I must say it was a much more organized and informative experience than my memories of doing the same as a teen. I would think it much better for the dolphins, too.

Here is Amie playing with the dolphins. They seemed to be very curious about each other.

We arrived at Sea World in the morning, left the park around 1:30 and had a late lunch at McDonalds with Gracefulmom and her kids- our kids had happy meals as a's treat was not paying amusement park prices for lunch, so happy meals on me!! The weather was just perfect, after our days of rain the week before- the sun was out and the temp was just right, and no crowds! It was a good day in homeschool land.