Finds to share

I know that organizing, planning and out with the old, in with the new is on all of our minds right are a few good things I stumbled on recently:

A mom's planner for 2008-
It's called "A year of Masterly Inactivity with Charlotte Mason" put out by the folks at Simply Charlotte Mason.
The term "Masterly Inactivity" was used by Charlotte Mason in her writings, an explanation of what it means is found in the sample pages of this planner, along with quotes from Miss Mason sprinkled throughout.
You can download a free sample for January here*

The Simply Charlotte Mason site is a treat, go there to find copy books, spelling curriculum and helpful homeschool tips. Also hosted there is a great record keeping system called the
CM Organizer.

My next find is this Mom's calendar, called The all for one, one for all Family planner by
Susan Branch. Basically, it shows a month when opened to display both top and bottom page, the month is laid out in grids, with spaces for 5 family members. It's pretty handy for keeping track of activities and appointments- I fit our family by sharing a space for mom and dad.

My last find is this very interesting homeschool site called Courageous Beings...I just found it and haven't had a chance to explore, but it looks very out of the box and delight-driven. I popped over to peek after a mom shared about doing history with one of their programs in a Bill and Ted's excellent adventure style- each week jamming into a phonebooth to step out into the era of history to be explored. Does this say co-op opportunity to you?!!
(Gracefulmom, stop me!!!!!....I like my TOG, I like my TOG...)

I saw a link titled "magical moments with mom" on the site, it all looks very interesting.
Go on over and visit.