Fall rambles

This weekend I went to a scrapbook retreat up in Big Bear, Ca. The photo above is of the fall turning of leaves- which we missed in Boston, but I found here on the mountain. Scrapbooking has been my only hobby really since having children- even then it is hard to fit in, I hadn't done any scrapbooking this year since going to the same retreat last fall. This weekend I relaxed, enjoyed the company of Sky's mom and sisters, and worked on our Boston trip photos- very satisfying to get it all down.

Amie brought home the class 'buddy' from her reading corner class at the learning center. When I picked them up last week, Amie was so very excited- she very animatedly told me as soon as I walked in that she had " wuuffy"- at least that was what I thought she might have said. What followed was 3 minutes of me trying to repeat back to her the correct word, Amie getting increasingly frustrated, and Demi-Sly jumping in to "help out". I guess the lisp didn't really go away! I finally apologized and admitted I just didn't know what they were saying. The whole exchange was a wet blanket on Amie's enthusiasm... Finally inspiration hit me and I said, " you have Lucky?!" Yes, the stuffed dog's name is Lucky.
They couldn't name him spot or something...

Amie brought him home for the week and also his special notebook to record special things they did together this week. I looked through the instructions and saw that she needed to complete one page with drawings for her week. Amie has already done 10 pages of drawings. Not real sure how to handle that.

I had fun shopping the Apple itunes store before leaving for my trip to Big Bear. I remarked to Sky that the kids really loved the Christian country music by Paul Overstreet I had on my ipod. I thought we should add some really country music to my ipod for the kids to enjoy. Way, way back in the early 90's, we had been in a country music stage. We were trying to come up with the creme de la creme of country that was, um...sanitized? um, more sanctified? um, safe for little minds? We agreed the top examples of the genre would have to include, hands-down- "I've got friends in low places", "All my exes live in Texas" and "I like my women a little on the trashy side.." and yet we cringe to imagine our offspring singing along to those with zeal.
I guess we have to think longer on our greatest hits list.

My sister-in-law, "D" was at the scrapbook getaway. She is the baby of the family and quite a bit younger than all the rest. I have to say that she is such a lovely young woman. She spent much of her time this trip on her laptop working on a project for a Christian writing course she signed up for. She has always wanted to be a writer and so she has jumped in feet first into doing just that. I watched her, so happily busy- and thought of how proud her Dad would be of her. I know he was already proud of how lovely she is, inside and out- you could see it on his face when he looked at her. She is truly Emma Woodhouse, without the flaws. I hope my girls grow up to be like her.

Heroes. Anybody know what I am talking about? My word. Sky found the series on free download last month and was immersed in it. I waited to order it from netflix, wanting to enjoy it on our big monitor. We watched two episodes last night and I think I am addicted now. We don't watch t.v. - one of the reasons is because we are really too busy to watch stuff. I can see that I am going to be spending lots of time watching this series....it's really, really a good show. I guess something to keep us busy until the new Monk season is out can't be such a bad thing? Did I mention it is available for instant view on netflix? ...we just figured that out last night. Yes, like I have lots of free time anyways....

Last, I am reading this book. I knew I would find more fiction to add to my
fall into reading challenge. Have to say that this is really, really good. Again, not that I have lots of free time...!