just add water

Two weeks ago we indulged in a day in the sun with the OC Sitcom crew. I keep dropping names, but again, I have no photographic proof. You all are thinking they are my imaginary friends, aren't you? I do, however, have lots of pictures of my kids!
*Here we have a view of Corona Del Mar beach,

*The boy, busy in the sand- he spends the bulk of our time at the beach digging in the sand...

*fun in the surf

* mugging for the camera

The beach isn't a far drive for us, and yet- we don't visit often. I think this summer we went 3 or 4 times. I do have to say that it is a much easier trek now that my kids are getting older.
It was way crowded...we are planning to go back once school is back and session and we can have the beach more to ourselves.