A great first day back at homeschooling

I've been a little scarce lately with the blogging, I was trying really, really hard to be prepared for this week and our start back at homeschooling. I really have to say that this was one of my best days homeschooling, and probably our most satisfactory first day of school.

I'll try to post later more in detail about why this day was different, and what our day looked like; but I will sum it up for you as I did today -reviewing it with hubby. I think our day was so right on for a few reasons-

1) I ditched the Abeka , 2) I finally learned through trial and error what material works best with my teaching style and more important-with the way my brain works 3) using what I have learned I also realized that picking the simplest and easier way to teach something is spot-on for me (keeping in mind #2-workbooks being maybe easier don't necessarily fit...it depends) 4) plan ahead and conquer the dreaded and hated (for me) schedule...print your plan for the day, and follow it. 5) realize that I am easily distracted and that I finally had to focus on my job for the day as teacher and not try to do laundry, clean, relax, just go walk-about..etc. my day said- start at this time, and I followed through till done. 6) I don't have babies and toddlers to keep busy, all 4 children are now students.

we really had a good day. I will post more tomorrow, for any new homeschool moms out there surfing for looks at what a typical day homeschooling might look like.

I hope everyone else had a great back to school too!