His banner over me is love

I know my husband loves me, and that he sacrifices for me and our family all the time. His life is one of giving his all to his family. I know that he would lay down his life physically for us. I know this, but to really know this- as a concrete fact laid out before you..it is stunning and humbling.

Tonight I went for a walk through our neighborhood, I do this often. Tonight, Sky decided to go with me-which does not happen often, and we were attacked by two big dogs. We came out of it without a scratch, just very scared and jittery- I am just so proud of how my husband acted.

The dogs looked part St. Barnard, they were pretty big. They came running fast, out of a house and rushed us-barking and growling. I fully expected them to stop half-way across the street, as I have seen aggressive-type dogs do before, we were across the street on a sidewalk infront of another house. It happened so very fast, faster then I could have ever imagined. As they rushed at us, we began backing away-fully expecting them to stop or slow down when they saw we were not approaching their "territory", but they kept coming. Sky headed for the next street (we were at a corner house)..I guess his logical mind looked for the quickest route out of there, I at first turned my back as I moved away-thinking to show them I was not challenging them or a threat. I was moving towards a house and thinking of climbing onto a car in the driveway-but it was all happening so fast and I suddenly realized I had no time to do anything. The dogs were now within reach, I had turned to face them now..telling myself not to run...and I realized that I was helpless and that I was going to be bitten. I started screaming, I so surprised myself, I had always wondered if I would be able to scream in an emergency moment..I am really a quiet person. As I started screaming, Sky came running in front of me and started kicking the dogs. He was wearing shorts, I screamed louder in panic because I knew he was going to be hurt. The owner came running and calling after my first scream, as Sky started kicking- the dogs sort of froze in surprise when I screamed, and then they ran home when the owner called them.

I have never been so scared and helpless before. I always thought I could handle a situation like this. There was nothing I could do, they moved so fast..no place of safety to get to, no weapon.

I was so proud of my husband. He didn't even hesitate to come to my defense.
My husband is awesome.
I was going to title this "Army of one" because that is how he came blazing in to my rescue. But I think the bible verse sums it up best.

He's the man.