Funtimes my friends, funtimes...

ahh, homeschool book ordering is in the air... I love to order stuff.

Last night I hit the "order" button for Tapestry of Grace- year 1. The hard part was ordering just bonus bundle, no lapbooks, wrting aids or good old plain fun reading books. So very hard, especially when you get free shipping on orders over $250, it would have been so easy to add things to my cart and go over that very easy.

My sober-minded plan is to order the curriculum and then look over the reading lists in a casual and orderly manner- thoughtfully researching what I need to order from them, what I can get at the library, and what I can find used or on sale elswehere. Sober-minded, but no fun. I like to order books. I like to get a package from UPS and open it, and find little gems of possibility between carboard covers. I love books. A box with a curriculum/course of study minus the books is only half the fun. Can you tell that I am already repenting of not ordering any books at all?

I also ordered some Abeka; a phonics workbook and handwriting workbook for Amie and handwriting for Demi-Sky.
Again, lacking in the imaginitive/fun department.

I'll be back in a little while, internets...going to go browse Amazon for some kicks...

(sorry, no links..I have to figure out how to open two windows on my mac..sorry)