blogger at large

I've been a little scarce this week in blogland, not that I don't love you all, bloggerfriends...but we really have a crazy house-ful/busy week going on. This week is the Summer Training, which is like a bible conference. It's pretty intense, the meetings starting at 4pm and usually not ending till after 9pm. We have 5 people staying at our house right now, plus an extra 7 or so people for lunch or breakfast, or kind of swings up and down. After breakfast every morning we have a study time to enjoy the messages given the night before and to answer the study questions we were given on our way out of the meeting. We then have lunch, and then take a short nap if we can manage one..four kids running around, it doesn't always happen...and then we make sandwiches for dinner and head out to the meeting. It's kind of like running a race.

The topic this year is "The Epistles of John", which cover the gospel of John, the 3 epistles and some of the book of Revelations. Sky and I take turns going everynight, one of us stays home with the kids. Last night one of the messages was on "Abiding in Christ", I am so bummed I missed it-my turn to stay home...

I'll be back to posting when it is all over. I will have alot of blog-reading to catch up on too.
Stay cool bloggy-friends.