it's the little things in life...

Just thinking I would try my hand at a cooking post.

I've been just so awed and inspired by the great recipes and step-by step directions (and photos!) over at Barb and Ree's blogs, I thought I would jump right in and share my best cooking secrets with blogland. So, I give you...

Jenny's spiced-up version of low-calorie pizza

Start with one frozen diet pizza: shown here still in the box,
straight from the freezer.

Here I have gathered my secret ingredients: a tub of goat cheese from Trader Joe's and a bag of shredded mozzarella cheese.

The goat cheese adds an extra tangy bite, besides making you feel really continental somehow for buying it. The mozzarella evens- out the empty spaces on the low-calorie pizza..somehow they never look as loaded out of the box as they do in the picture. So, what is up with that anyways??

Here is my 'after' photo, after I have added the goat cheese and extra mozzarella.

Now, next step is put it into your pre-heated oven, as per directions

Last step, take out and enjoy.