I'm still here...

um, just not much to say! That, and I was planning on posting some photos to write about and hubby has the laptop...Also, I've been getting to bed early-and late at night it the only quiet time I have to blog deep thoughts, hence-no deep thoughts here...

Yesterday I took Meg to a horse riding lesson. Our eldest daughter's big dream in life is to first, own a horse of her own, and second, to barrel race horses in competition, and third, to show horses in competitions. Her dreams hit a little snag in the family she was born into. We live in a city, so even riding lessons are expensive. We try to patch together some riding experiences for her. It has been a year since we were last at the stables for a lesson, it was neat to see Meg so happy. I have pictures! I 'll post them later.

Today, Thursday- I like quadruple- booked my evening. This evening I am either: a) attending a once a month Charlotte Mason homeschool mom's meeting b) going out to dinner with hubby and friends who are moving to Washington soon c) going to Starbucks with our charter school teacher (gracefulmom often mentioned on my blog) to go over our learning record for the month or d) staying home with the two littles while hubby takes the two olders to Barnes & Nobles.

last night talking with DH, I realized out loud that I had double-booked..from there I kept remembering out-loud the other things I had committed to. It was such a Jenny conversation.

Last night was my turn to go to the Wednesday night bible study. I wouldn't know where to start from to share...but I will leave you with this verse that I loved the speaking on:

"Arise, shine;
For your light has come!
And the glory of the Lord is risen upon you.

...Then you shall see and become radiant,
and your heart shall swell with joy;..."

-Isaiah 60:1, 5