I'll take potpourri for $10...

I can't really claim anything intellectual or spiritual sounding like a blogging break, the truth of the matter is more like a brain-numb-stupor... I've basically spent the last week announcing that I am going to work on catching up with my homeschool records, then aimlessly sorting and piling papers next to the computer. If I am brave, maybe I will post a picture. Maybe.
I did get my son's work all entered and up to date, but it is a small victory when you consider that out of the 3 students I have, the 1st grader generates the least amount of paperwork.
My goal next month is to have all 3 entered and up to date. I will throw some kind of serious party if I achieve this. Heck, Gracefulmom will probably throw me a party (she is the person who reports on all my ahem..record keeping). Hey Gracefulmom, next month it will be you and me at cheesecake factory to celebrate my end of rambling and disorderly conduct. There is a godiva cheesecake there with our name on it. I will triumph just in time for summer break...

Changing the subject, it's meme time! Joyful days tagged me last week for this meme:
a 7 Things About Me meme. I'm supposed to write seven random facts or habits about myself and then tag 7 other people to do the same, here goes:

7 random things about me
1) I couldn't pronounce 'discernment' until way past adulthood. I actually know lots of big words from my endless reading, but I am usually afraid to use them in a discussion for fear I will mispronounce them...like my misadventure with 'discernment'. (DH still teases me about that one)

2) I have diet coke for breakfast

3) darling husband takes me out on a date night once a week, forever- since our oldest child was a few months old. Smart man, I get this wild look in my eyes if he doesn't take me out somewhere.

4) Tonight was date night and DH treated me to a bacon cheddar cheeseburger at TGIF's and to a movie to see the new Spiderman movie. (it was awesome, if you like Spiderman!) we rarely go see a movie...the last one we saw at the theatre was Narnia...

5) We like the Spiderman movies, and I have read several of the Spiderman books. They were surprisingly good...(my engineer-husband turned me on to them, it's in the bylaws...all engineer majors must love Star-trek and Spiderman)

6) I won a prize at my sister's baby shower this weekend. We had to list names of baby animals, I was the only one to know that a baby swan is called a cygnet (not that I could be sure of how to pronounce that..but no one else knew how to either...) and that a baby owl is called an owlet.

7) I love bagels. I could live on bagels. I am dying for a chocolate chip bagel with strawberry cream cheese right this very minute. And a diet coke. of course.

Now the hard part...I have to tag 7 people...
I will tag: An OC Sitcom, Lindsey, Susanne, Cyndi, Jeana, Melissa, and Heather

Last thought;

Our son Demi-Sky has been into dragons lately. He has put aside his goal of growing up to be Spiderman (at least for now) and has announced that he plans to be a dragon hunter when he grows up. He has asked me to teach him how to read maps, a very important skill to have-to be hunting dragons...and apparently little sister Amie is to be his sidekick. She reminded Demi today in the van, out of the blue, that they needed to remember to bring plates for dinner when they go dragon hunting. As a homeschool mom, I am trying to jump all over this teachable, delight-driven moment. I need to dig out or buy a new map reading skills books, and Demi has me reading this book: Jeremy Thatcher, Dragon Hatcher- to him every chance he can catch me. I am planning on reading "My father's dragon" to him next. Anyone else have any good suggestions?