Life-sized dinosaurs, big shovel needed

Or, field trip to the science museum...

Tuesday we went to the science museum with my friend gracefulmom, and her two girls. (yes, you've been blogged...and I think you are always full of grace with your girls!)

#1 Important thing I learned that day: plan to arrive after 1pm, because then the million kids there on school field-trips have been lined up and magically whisked away. We arrived before noon, and the noise, crowds and confusion had me ruing the day I thought this trip sounded like a good idea. Once they left, the place was magically empty and quiet. (and yes, I did just use "rue" -we've been reading Shakespeare, can you tell??)

#2 Important thing I learned: the interesting sculpture you are leaning against in the outdoor, life-size dinosaur exhibit is a life-size dinosaur p** p** replica.

#3 Don't share that factoid with your kids 7 and under

IMHO the new dinosaur exhibit was the best thing about the center, it was really well thought out.

All in all, a really was a nice day for the visit, we will try to go back next month...after 1