Just stuff

The Spring reading book challenge is coming! It's official title is The Spring reading thing 2007 go to Katrina's blog to read more.

Well, I totally wimped out of saying anything to the Science teacher at the learning center today. Go here to read the background. I'll sum it up and say that I was uncomfortable with my kids shown scientific theory/hollywood political activism for a science class. I really could not come up with a way to talk to her or email her without, in my mind, the big possibility she could decide that I am some weird homeschooling freak who believes the world is flat and hides my kids in the basement so they will not have to deal with laws of nature such as, lets say, gravity. So, I didn't handle it by just not sending them to class today for the second half. Not proud of my wimpy-ness, but I thought some readers might be wondering what happened with that. I am still debating if I should ask her to notify me next time before she shows lets say- "super size me" or the movie where New York freezes over...scientific, cutting-edge stuff, I'm sure. Gotta figure out a way to ask that without sounding snarky. I don't think it can be done.

I wrote a month or so ago about having a family stay with us. It worked out really well with the wife getting a job in Santa Monica right away and the family decided to get an apartment there. They decided it would be hard on the kids to stay here and start school and then be pulled out again. So, they did not stay with us. I was relieved in retrospect, it would have been a disaster with un-organized me. I love how God knows all these things.

We are having our first book club meeting this Friday for my older girls and a few friends. I am really excited to finally be doing this. Our first book is going to be "Ella Enchanted". We are going to listen to the first chapter on audio-just to hook them in, and then have a real girly tea.
Fun, fun, fun! (in a bookish-lots of good sweets and tea, sort of way)

Amie's 5th birthday extravaganza is this Saturday. I am severely planning- challenged. Should I take bets to see if I can bring this off successfully? I'll have pictures later.

I signed up for the online homeschool record keeping organizer at SimplyCharlottemason. It is really cool. I am having fun playing with it, so far pretty easy to figure out, even for this techno-challenged mom. They are offering a free 30 day trial so you can see if it will work out for you. You can check it out, view a demo video and sign up here.

So, that is all the news that is news today at home.