Nile River Delta model, homeschool history

Wednesday we worked on our Nile River Delta model, a project found in the Story of the World vol. 1 activity book. This project is for chapter 2; Egyptians lived on the Nile River.

Photo #1 is of the supplies needed. Photo #2 shows the soil with the foil placed as the river. Photo #3 shows the blue rocks added to the river area. Photo #4 shows the kids adding the grass seeds to the soil.
We then had the fun of "flooding' the Nile. We will continue to flood the Nile once a day, as an example of the yearly flooding the Egyptian farmers needed for their crops.

To round out this chapter, we also worked on a map of the delta, identifying the river, delta, lower and upper Egypt and unified kingdom areas. I also read and explored The Usborne Book of World History and the Usborne Internet-linked Encyclopedia sections on Egypt with Demi-Sky. I assigned the same reading to the older girls independently.

It was a fun, simple project. The roasting pans I found at Big lots very inexpensively. Not a sophisticated project for the older girls, but I know that Demi will always remember the Nile Delta and it's importance to that kingdom. -The girls took off with the extra roasting pans and planted mini container gardens inspired by The Dk Gardening book by Jane Bull.