Curriculum lust

In spring/early summer, a homeschool mom's fancy turns towards next year's planning. Ah, the yearly running of the homeschool supplies catalogs. We are helpless in the oncoming wave of homeschool choices. Cyndi over at Mater Magistra wrote a clever, cute post on the homeschool mom's sickness, er dilemma. Go on over and visit with her for a good laugh. Her post is here.

All that is new here at home... well, Sky and I have been fighting with a cold of sinister intentions. We are just not feeling good, Sky more so than I. We skipped Lord's day meeting, that's how bad he was feeling. This cold thing will just not go away.

The bible college boys are back. We are so happy to have them over again for dinner, our house has been too quiet Sunday evenings. Last night we had 11 over for dinner and fellowship. Many of them went on a Gospel sharing trip to Russia during the break, so we got to hear about their experiences on the trip. We had a few new faces over too, boys who just started the new term.

Meg had an orchestra concert Saturday night. It went really well, it was over at a large retirement community. It was really neat to have the kids sharing music with the residents there. They were such an appreciative audience, and so interested in chatting with the kids.

Sky's garden is progressing, I think this year with be his best year ever. I will post some pictures when everything is a bit more green.