Thursday Thirteen #15...places

Thursday Thirteen #15
13 places I would like to visit

1. Jerusalem (though it seems so dangerous, I will probably never go)

2. Greece (ancient ruins, seat of civilization, all that good stuff)

3. Ireland ( we saw mostly Dublin when we were there, would like to see the rest)

4. Prince Edward Island (have to walk the bridge over the lake of shining water... and see all things Anne, of course!)

5. Moscow (but not in the winter)

6. Alaska (ditto #5.., and I have never seen the aurora borealis)

7. Australia (would love to see flocks of cockatoos flying about)

8. England (have to see all the places mentioned in Jane Austin's novels)

9. Hawaii (have this idea it would be the perfect climate for me, So. Ca is close...but still too cold sometimes)

10. The Netherlands (we have friends there, might be our next big trip)

11. Washington D.C. and the New England states (our historical roots, cherry trees in bloom, all things Benjamin Franklin, Plymouth plantation, clam chowder...I could go on and on)

12. Egypt (would like to see the pyramids, the nile, and it would be warm...)

13. Austria (you know it's got to be beautiful! And the history!!)

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