She's in rare form ..go visit Antique mommy

Antique mommy is on a roll, some seriously funny mommy blogging going on over there. She is re-visiting her topic of "The poo-poo driven life". As I laughed along, I seriously began to reconsider my longings for another baby. I really hated potty training. And the blow-outs. And the mandatory extortion of a significant portion of our income to the huggies people. And, that shout was my best friend.

Well, today I dropped my two oldest off for a science class at our charter school's learning center. I stood in the middle of that classroom and realized that next year, my baby could take classes too.
And I could go to a yoga class. Or to the bagel shop. Or go home and sleep.
Just a thought.

back to my original line of thinking,...go over and visit Antique mommy for a good laugh.
You will be glad you did.