Movies: why God needed to strike me blind at communion

Or we could also title this: Movie review, but not as imaginative, I think.

I am probably the last woman breathing that hasn't seen "Must love dogs", (just to scandalize y'all some more..I haven't seen the new Pride and Prejudice movie, either). Just to paint the picture for you, we don't watch t.v., maybe go to a movie once a year, and watch a dvd maybe once a month or less. We have netflix, which I love having, but mostly we rent things for the kids. Seriously, we just don't have time to sit down and watch anything. And, more importantly, we feel that much of the movie offerings fail the test of whatever is lovely, true, of a good report...It's just stuff we don't need to be wasting our time on. When we do rent something for ourselves, it is usually Peroit (Agatha Christy) or Monk or something British. And then we watch some favorites over and over, like the long version of Pride and Prejudice, or old black and white movies.

Last week we rented a movie, a romantic comedy- we like those. I am not going to name the movie, lest I invoke dangerous flashbacks for you, such as I church. It had several actors we enjoy like Hugh Grant and Emma Thompson, (and Mr. Bean!) but had a raunchy story line weaved through it, and oh my sainted aunts!! The next day we are sitting in church and the stupid movie was bouncing around in my head. We should have turned it off, but we felt invested in the story already, so we didn't. That experience made me wonder if we just need to give up on the hope of seeing anything worthwhile ever again from hollywood. Scratch that, we have given up, but once in a while we find something worth while.

So, ahem...where was I? Oh , yes, "Must love dogs". We decided to give the movie thing one more shot, and I have to say that I really enjoyed this movie. I think it might be a first for me, in liking the movie more than I liked the book. It was funny, had a big family culture-which you don't see often in movies, but we could totally relate. I loved that the family was into everyone's business (that happens in a big family, you know) but that their love for each other dominated.
It was funny, I think that is the best I can say about it, and it had a "Jenny ending" as my husband calls it. It was rated R, and had some adult situations, but didn't show the requisite un-needed bedroom scenes. If you haven't seen this yet, it is worth a rental.

Next review: Redwall. This is for the kids, I picked this up because we were over at the in-laws alot, and the kids were kind of running wild. We have 23 cousins running around, it can get alittle lawless. We are picky about what we rent for the kids, the usual back-talking, bickering, smart-alec kids in movies really turn me off. so does the crass humor, jokes about body functions and the obligatory kick in the crotch jokes. As a result, we don't see very many kids movies.

Redwall is annimated, and it seems to have been a series somewhere. Again, don't watch t.v. so I am out of the loop there. It is a medieval setting, and the characters are all animals, but mostly mice. Redwall is an abbey where the main characters live. The beginning of each episode begins with a tapestry that tells the history of the abbey. It has action, swords, villians and interesting characters. We have purchases season one so far, and will go on to get season two, the kids are really enjoying it. It's cute, has mice, and won't drive you batty.