All things change

Thank you, blog friends for your prayers this week. Saturday it was determined that my father-in-law's kidney was failing, and he was offered dialysis. He has refused, and we brought him home yesterday to live out his final days. I know that the prayers of the saints are sweet to God, and already we have been poured out such a measure of grace.

I already have so many sweet, loving memories of this week-it has been such a whirl-wind week for us, with the bible conference and hosting our guests from abroad, and trying to spend as much time as we can at the hospital with Sky's dad.

The bible conference ended very late Saturday night. For us, the week for conference always feels like a race, this week was so incredibly magnified in responsibilities, but the grace given met the need in a way we have not experienced before. I am still amazed that we have made it through. I have lots of funny stories to tell about the week...I will be posting more later. Our last two guests from Moscow leave early tomorrow morning. I have to tell you all the story of me taking 5 Russians shopping, we were all over orange county. It got to the point of me begging God to make sure costco was closed, I couldn't go on...and I didn't think I could fit the costco sized peanut butter into my van, something about Russians and peanut butter...

oh, and the fall book challenge, I have to post on that- kind of late, I know...that is coming up too.

Blessings to you, everyone and happy new year!