Prayer request

Hi everyone, just checking in on my blog friends during my busy, full week! I do have a prayer request I would like to put out there. My father-in-law has been fighting kidney cancer for a few years now. He is such a strong, healthy person that it didn't affect him in a big way for a few years, but since summer he has changed and seemed really sick-in a for real sort of way. He is such a strong pillar of a man, I usually describe him as a John Wayne hero type man. I guess you can trick yourself into thinking that nothing will change and your rock will always be here. In two weeks we have seen him decline so much, and by Christmas Eve we thought we were losing him for good. It was stunning to think it could happen so fast. But, oh, thank God for Sky's brother who is a Dr. and visiting for Christmas. He figured out what was wrong and took his dad to the hospital. He had calcium buildup in his body because his kidney is not working so well, and the calcium affected his brain functions-that was why he was fading before our eyes.

I would covet your prayers for him, his name is Tom. Already he is so improved, the intelligent look is back in his eyes, and he is even joking again- Sky's family is big for joking, I wish I could describe the e.r. room scene for you-it was like a big party. That is how they are, and that is what they like. Evidently...because today in a quiet moment Tom motioned that he needed something. We asked him what he needed...he said "humor". Of course we scrambled to oblige!

I cannot put into words how much I love this man, and how thankful I am that we have more time with him. I would ask for prayers for his improved health, and for his pain, and for the hiccups that have plagued him for months.

Thank you, all