Too magnanimous for words...

This weekend we are giving hospitality to a few college-age brothers for a conference. Well, I survived the house cleaning...of course it had to all collide on the day I needed to turn in homeschool work to our charter school teacher. -It's just a Jen thing.

The brothers have Demi's bedroom for the weekend. Friday evening we were sitting around the dining room table having dessert and getting to know the college boys. As I was herding the children towards bed, Demi in an attempt at supreme hospitality casually remarks to the boys:

"I usually like to sleep late in the moring, but you guys can play my game cube even if I'm not up yet."

We were highly diverted by this demonstration of supreme sacrifice and goodwill. Along with the casual assurance that he indeed has preferences and habits even at age 6.
He just says the cutest things..