Thursday Thirteen #8

Thirteen things about Meg

1. She is the oldest of our four children

2. Meg's middle name is Noelle (and Meg is only her name on this blog)

3. She was a marathon nurser...I'm talking sometimes an hour long

4.Meg is a horse lover

5. Meg plays the violin and is in an orchestra

6. Meg loves to read, she just finished "Fairest"

7. her favorite food it cheese tortellin pasta with olive oil and goat cheese. And also avocado

8. She used to be afraid of mooses (but didn't know what they were...)

9. Meg enjoys researching things, mostly animals she would like as pets, and making reports about them.

10. She loves to watch Jeeve's and Wooster and A & E Sherlock Holmes dvds.

11. Meg wants to be a veternarian when she grows up.

12. Her favorite color is green, and she still writes letters to fairies.

13. she loves to draw and paint and take art classes.

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