excessive molting, orchestra blues & super-less

Molting...with flair! We took our hen, Dapples, to see the expensive bird Dr. this week. The verdict-she's not sick, just molting-excessively. As in-she's nearly naked and we have feathers all over the yard. Just really bad karma for Dapples that she happened to be in a molting cycle when our weather went from crisp fall weather to 90 degrees in one day.

The Dr. said it is a hormonal thing and that we shouldn't be surprised if we end up with all 5 hens wearing much less. Fine, fine, blame it all on hormones...why not. Actually, I was really impressed with the bird Dr. He was training a veterinarian student that day and all the knowledge he was passing along regarding fowl vs. exotic birds was pretty impressive.

Found out the bird is anemic right now, making new feathers is hard work...so I came right home and made her some scrambled eggs with broccoli. It looked like a pretty good lunch. I'm also busy making them lots of beans. My childhood memories involve a lot of good home-cooking my mom did...for her parrots...seems you can always go home again, or something like that. I guess I will be calling up my mom for some good bird cuisine recipes.
Who knew???

Orchestra rehearsal today- I bravely left Meg at orchestra today while I went to meet hubby for breakfast. The last few rehearsals I stuck pretty close to her and helped her find the right measure, things like that. Last week went really well, she didn't need me at all-so I felt pretty safe about leaving her. Kind of, I always have to worry about something or carry some kind of mom guilt around. When I returned, a little early to scope out how things were going; first thing I notice as I walk in is a pile of crumpled kleenex under and around her chair. I'm thinking, oh no...what happened? Did she get singled out for playing during a rest or something?? I found out a few minutes later that she just had a really runny nose and was fine.

Library score this week: Library A - 20 books checked out, $3.00 in fines
Library B- 37 books checked out, $3.60 in fines

seems my superpowers have failed me this week. I was doing so well with the whole library thing the last few months. I am at Library B every Tues. while we go to art lessons, so I don't know what my excuse is.

must be hormones. Nothing a few Advil and some chocolate won't fix. preferably dark, bittersweet...