You Know your're a mother when...

This meme is hosted by Everyday mommy...

10. you mumble to yourself alot, reminiscent of Bill Cosby's description of his wife...

9. things found in your purse include; binky, wipes, goldfish crackers, hair scrunchies, cars

8. you get 4 magazines related to parenting or homeschooling but let the others you used to
subscribe to lapse.

7. your kids' nap/quiet time is a priceless commodity- you defend it with your life

6. you think Steve had way more talent but that Joe is cuter-and you know who I am
talking about and what kid's show...

5. you are the only woman in your son's life, and you cherish his "you're so beautiful,
mommy" like you would treasure pearls

4. you look forward to staying in the hospital for your c-sections, you need the sleep

3. you have been p*o*o*d -on, p* e*e*d-on, barfed on, sneezed on and it doesn't faze you
anymore. You have ever uttered the phrase "give mommy the p*o*o-P*o*o".

2. you drive the big astro mini van with lots of room for strollers, booster seats, kids and their
"stuff"- Not the cute rag-top jeep with the cow-spotted seat covers you had planned.

1. You realized how vulnerable your heart was, living outside of your body, the moment a
nurse walked away with your newborn