Moms for Modesty... Everyday mommy is hosting this group of concerned parents lobbying the clothing industry to offer clothes appropriate for girls. Please check out her site and article. Chilihead has an insightful commentary on the modesty issue here. It is worth a minute to go and read. As a mom of 3 girls and 1 boy, this is a concern (and frustration) close to my mother-heart. Seems like as soon as the girls are out of the toddler sizes, it becomes a fight to find clothes not 'night-club-ready'. Places I look for clothes for my girls; Land's end (they have uniform 'skorts' that actually touch the knee) and dresses and skirts that touch the knee at least or longer. Hanna Anderson (a little pricey but great quality, and great sales end- of- season) and Mini Boden (haven't ordered yet, again pricey but I am eyeing some of the great longer skirts). Girl's clothes that bug me....shirts with lots of writing across the chest (where are the eyes supposed to go?) shorts and pants with words written on the backside, skirts so short you want to blush for them, clothes for little girls that look like they are ready to bar- hop. Today they do grow up too fast, let them be little girls for a while!