Preschool Activity boxes

The homeschool dilemma is always- what to do with the little ones while you are schooling your older children? Making activity boxes or offering games for your preschoolers is not a new idea in homeschooling circles, a wise idea I've never quite completely pulled off.

This article in Wondertime magazine inspired me to go out and gather some boxes and art supplies to keep Amie busy this school year without any prep time for me (after the intitial gathering, that is).

The boxes Amie is working with in the two photos are a dot-art box with special dot art paint bottles and a special coloring book, and a craft-art supply box containing waterpaints, stamping ink, stamps, markers and peel and stick foam shapes. I have a few other busy boxes...a geoboard kit, animal figures kit, big playdough kit, chalkboard/chalk kit. I am hoping to add others later so we will have a nice rotation of activities to keep her busy. She was very pleased to have her own activity to work on last week. Read the Wondertime article if you get a chance, it was more about a portable art kit in a tackle box-very nice idea I will be working on gathering next month. The magazine is also a beautiful one, I subscribe to it and enjoy each issue.