Nowhere to hide

My kids embarrass me-sometimes...I figure it keeps me humble or teaches me to extend mercy, or both. Today we had lunch at the home of a young newly-wed couple. They are so cute, so young and their lifestyle and home is very newly-wed: very small, humble apartment and lots of hand-down furniture. Ah, I remember those years well...We had a wonderful lunch at their place and lots of good fellowship, when...get ready for it...out-of-the-blue, the boy wonder (age 6) says while looking around; "you have a very, very small house." I tried to stop the train derailment and commented to him about this being an apartment and explaining what an apartment house was, also commenting to the entire room observing us that he had never been to an apartment before. His next comment was, " it's very small...our house is very big, this house kind of reminds me of camping." Tried to rescue that with my own comment that it must remind him of the condo we stay in sometimes when we go to Big Bear on vacation...on and on about how the condos are all connected, blah-blah...basically trying to gracefully rescue the situation and steer clear of any affront real or imaginary. He did agree, I didn't even have to nudge him with my foot or anything. Turns out he was thinking of Big Bear. I don't know what they were thinking, or if they thought it funny, if they cared. Hubby quickly changed the subject. We were able to have a good laugh at our own mortification later at home. Well, they sure keep us on our toes...can't get very complacent or too satisfied with ourselves with the young ones underfoot. At least they didn't break anything.