Back to Homeschool- a preparedness list

So, lovelies,  going back to homeschool or perhaps thinking about diving into a new adventure?  I'm a 12 year veteran of home-school (yikes, that dates me!) and I thought I'd share a few of my survival tips for diving into a new school year:

Back to Homeschool- a survival list

  1. date night. Plan on a regular night to go out with your husband to: unwind/talk to an adult/ talk without a child interrupting you. Eating something you did not prepare is an added plus.
  2. pick a spot to conduct homeschool (ours is the dining table) and stock with a bucket -load of pencils..because they go AWOL every stinking day...
  3. don't panic
  4. use the library (and don't seriously annoy the librarians if you can help it.)  (and don't check out dvds-the loan time is shorter, the fines me on this)
  5. choose a reasonable end time, and then plan an hour of quiet mommy time.  Chocolate and a favorite beverage is a given.  Hide if you have toCleaning the kitchen does not count as quiet mommy time.
  6. make your kids put away their folders & books at the end of your learning day.  Don't ask me if I do~but you should.
  7. Date night. Or mom goes away to be by herself night.  Apply liberally.
  8. find your sense of humor, or fake it.  Get used to the fact people will question your ability to teach 1st grade math. (be gracious, they haven't stopped to think through the fact they are calling you out for being unable to do 1st grade Math...)
  9. don't greet the UPS and Fedex man too enthusiastically when he brings you new curriculum, the neighbors will start to talk...
  10. Date night.

What are your go-to survival tips for back to school or back to homeschool??  Spill, ...even if it involves adult beverages ;)