{Inspiration} sometimes you need it

Sometimes you know what you should do, or you know- intellectually, what a good course of action would be- but you just cannot do it.  Or maybe it's more hit-and-miss, but you'd like to be more consistent.  Sometimes you need some inspiration.  Sometimes you need a good nudge.  Sometimes you need some encouragement.

  • I stumbled onto this e-book called Maximize your mornings, and this little movement called "Hello, Mornings"  This movement is about reading the free e-book, and then joining up with groups of women to work through the book and encourage and keep each other accountable with our morning goals.  The biggest one being, get up on time.

The newest round has just started, but you can read the book anytime.  I'd love to hear what you think of it and if you will be joining up with the next round.


Leading Little Hearts Home  Rebecca has this to say: "I think many people pick up on the importance of keeping our children's hearts. I think we have seen a huge shift in direction as parents have been inspired to turn their hearts home and have even been willing to shelter their children from negative influences.

But what of this purpose and direction? Do we have goals that drive us? And are those goals from our Master?".... (click over to read the whole post, it is worth your time)


  • This is an inspiring gymnastic routine, just beautiful.

  • it reminds me of this old cartoon, of the line and the ball from my childhood:

what thoughts, ideas are inspiring you today?