5 Ways to Spring back into homeschooling after a break

It's a law of nature that a homeschool at rest tends to stay at rest...or something like that. Okay, maybe not a law, but a precept, or a sage saying or, okay, I made that up...sounded good and theoretically....


I don't know about you, but for me, getting my gang back into the swing of homeschooling is not pretty and includes a lot of hiding and whining.  ah, the kids, I meant.... So, here are some ideas to get your swing back:

  1.  Plan a routine.   I hate to admit it, but yeah, no routine means little done.  It really pays off, moms, to sit down the weekend before your start date and make a schedule. For the Bridgett-Jones-Homeschool-mom; this can be a loose list, but- get it down so you will commit.
  2.  Half-days.  Plan your first couple of days as half-days - less pressure, everyone feels lighter.
  3. Get outside!  If you implement #2, make it an excuse to get outside once your half-day of school is over.  Spring is a wonderful time to begin nature walks.  You can aim high and start nature journals or do something very simple such as keeping a mental count of different birds seen on the walk.  Record the count: 4 Ravens, 2 bluebirds, 1 hawk, etc.
  4. Ease into your days.  Mix things up a little, but in a kinder, more gentle fashion and add a read-aloud story during breakfast or better yet, listen to a book on tape during breakfast.  Have you wanted to start music study? Listen to a particular composer first thing. Favorite Spring reads for us are Laddie, Rabbit Hill, The Railway children. Favorite books on tape are Ella Enchanted, The Tale of Despereaux, The Secret Garden.
  5.  Drop a subject and pick up a new subject.  History is dragging? Not loving your Health text anymore?  Be brave and drop it, pick it up in a few months or just close the book on that text for the year.  You wanted to do a neat poetry course but couldn't fit it in? Drop something you are no longer feeling the love for and start a new mini-unit.  We will be starting The Grammar of Poetry this month. 

Spring is a great time to spring-clean your homeschool.  What are you doing to shake things up?