5 Ways to get back to the swing of homeschool after winter break

The Homeschool-mom part of me is excited to tackle the new year, The mom side of me is dreading dragging my children back to the homeschool table...

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bereft of bright and shining faces this winter?  Here are a few ideas to get things moving:

  1. switch things up ~ is Bible or Math usually your first subject? Why not switch up the order of things, or move Bible to before school...or?  Make a visual line-up the kids can see and look forward to.

  2. ease into it~ make the first week an abbreviated week, with less subjects, or end the school-day a bit earlier and get outside, or snuggle up for some cozy reading. Or? the possibilities are endless.

  3. Start a new subject~ pull out the study materials you didn't quite get to yet, now is a great time to dive into something new.  Bored with your studies? now might be the time to look for a short-but-sweet unit study.

  4. Try a new schedule ~ things getting really stale?  Make a new schedule, move things around, change the times, shorten some studies, lengthen others.  Now might be the time to try a block schedule, with Science only 2 days a week, for example, and freeing up Fridays for "Art Fridays" or "field trip Fridays". Think a little outside of the box you have made and switch things around, experiment, try a new class.

  5. KISS/Just Read ~ I know for me, I tend to make things way more complicated than they need to be.  I need the perfect unit study, the perfect reference books, the perfect outline and the perfect worksheets.  Sometimes (a lot of the time) simply opening up a good book, reading it, and discussing it gets the job done.  Simple, but true.

Here at {Home} we are going to switch things up, re-arrange our schedule and start new subjects.  #5 was started a month ago, we are reading a Grace Livingston Hill novel and discussing. How about you, are you looking forward to a fresh start?