those no-good, rotten sort of days

Well, hullooo there!  Um, yeah, I'm still here...sort of. Have you ever had one of those no-good, rotten sort of days?  How about several in a row?  How about a year of them?

Here's how this week is shaping up:

  • fielded a call from one of the Biola teachers in which, teacher inquires with concern if my child (who shall remain anonymous) has a learning disability.  I had to decide whether telling said child that a teacher was questioning his/her  brain capabilities would inspire them to pay attention better and actually do their homework, or if it would just seem mean.   {add to my list of things I didn't imagine saying as a parent}
  • go to a Dr.'s appointment at the wrong location.
  • Try to leave for Dr.'s appointment at the wrong location and find out daughter left her car blocking my car in the driveway and her boyfriend has the spare key.
  • Did I mention my grandmother is living in my living room?
  • And that a teen-in-need is now sharing my boy's room?
  • And that my brother-in-law visited this weekend and slept on the couch?
  • Reschedule Dr. Appt. for 3 days later at correct location, arrive for back-to-back visits for yourself and a child and discover your new appt. is not today, but is tomorrow.
  • You are now 1 1/2 hours early for child's appointment...which ends up happening 45 minutes late, because they forgot about you.
  • And then, you were supposed to have a learning record meeting, but you don't have your paperwork in order because [procrastinator!] and now the Dr. thing has really taken all of your free you have to reschedule that, too.
  • ...And one of your children is making you want to go join the circus, or something
  • .... And you are going on a trip you vowed to lose 10 pounds for but you can't stop eating.
  • and you were supposed to fill out a bond application for the conservatorship thing [see elder care, alzheimer's] and you lost it. Spend 20 minutes searching house for it.

I crawled in to bed in defeat by 3:00 but then realized I needed to go pick up Josie's new glasses. which are at the place I went to for the Dr. appointment in the wrong location. -And then got the call that the glasses were ready an hour later.

Sky took me out for dinner, let me choose because [bad day] and we went to Rubio's.

And hey! the lobster burritos are back!!!   And just like that, life didn't seem so bad anymore.

and then we went to Barnes & Nobles,  shared a warm peanut butter cookie and splurged on a salted caramel mocha because [bad day]

and life was okay again.